Hybrid Cloud
with IBM i-Solution

Hybrid Cloud with IBM i-Solution

  • Cost Optimization

    Cost Optimization

    • Consumption model
    • Economies of scale
    • Monitor billing
    • Review and tuning
    • Optimizing over time
    • Cost-effective resource allocation
    • Ingress/egress optimization
    • Decommission unused resources
    • Leverage managed services
  • Operational Excellence

    Operational Excellence

    • Automate repetitive tasks
    • Align with business objectives
    • Test unexpected events
    • Learn from incidents
    • Use native monitoring tools
    • Set up alerts
    • Monitor changes
    • Automated security audits
    • Log analysis


Cloud computing environment that uses a mix of on-premises, Private and Third Party cloud, Public Cloud services with orchestration between the two platforms.

  • Offers scalability to handle fluctuating computing demands. In other words, the hybrid cloud may scale up to use the public cloud or down to the private cloud.
  • Hybrid Cloud integrates public cloud computing with onsite cloud hardware that delivers control of security and regulations in the hand of the company.
  • Will operate behind a firewall, similar to the private cloud.
  • Capitalizes on a similar low-cost approach as the public cloud.

Our Expertise

  • Kubernets
  • Docker
  • GitHub
  • Jenkins