Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery

System Developers can Focus on their core competency

Continuous Integration – Advantages

A software development practice in which small adjustments to the underlying code in an application are tested every time a team member makes changes. CI aims to speed up the release process by enabling teams to find and fix bugs earlier in the development cycle and encouraging stronger collaboration between developers– making it a crucial practice for agile teams.

Risk Mitigation


Team Communication

Reduced Overhead

Consistency of Build Process

Continuous Delivery – Advantages

Continuous Delivery allows an organization to respond more quickly to its market and to customers, both internal and external.

Quality Software

Deliver software with fewer bugs and lower risk. One cannot pass failed code to the next stage

Releasing New Features

Release new features early and often — even in a minimally viable state – and learn

Quick Response

Respond to marketing conditions more quickly. Make quicker changes using Continuous Delivery

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