About Us

Olive Data Centre is established by a team of professionals with over 25 years of core experience in Information Technology, IT Managed Services, Hybrid cloud, DevOps Automation, Automated Cloud Services, SIAM methodology based Service Delivery.

  • Vision

    Commitment to deliver services from our heart, commitment to consistently deliver superior value through innovation and smart thinking resulting in reduced TCO, greater IT-Business alignment and higher performance to clients. We aim to change our clients; vision into desired results through the application of high-end technologies, threadbare consulting, critical systems integration and efficiently managed operations.

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    Pravin Mohite
  • Mission

    Our mission is to advance the performance of our clients by offering innovative Cloud solutions that deliver measurable business value. Through its Service lines, High-end technologies, Consulting, Systems Integration and Managed Operations and its deep industry knowledge, our Group is able to provide innovative and individually tailored end-to-end Dev Ops Automation and Information Technology Solutions .

    Tanmoy Majumdar
    Tanmoy Majumder

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